ISTKON10 – 10th International Statistics Congress- ISC2017

logoisimlinew-1024x293Dear Colleagues, Scientists and Professionals,

We kindly invite you with great pleasure to participate to the 10th International Statistics Congress (ISC2017), organized by the Turkish Statistical Association (TSA), Ankara University Department of Statistics and Ankara University Department of Insurance and Actuarial Sciences, which will be held at the Ankara University, Ankara, TURKEY between December 06-08, 2017.

The series of congresses have been realized since 1999 for the aims of bringing together academic, public and private sector statisticians and related experts from various fields. The ISC2017 provides an opportunity for the national statisticians to attend scientific meetings focusing on their own interest. At the same time, they can observe new research results in other statistical fields that may have unanticipated applications in their own specializations.

This year is also the 25th anniversary of the receipt of the name of the Turkish Statistical Association by the decision of the Council of Ministers. Therefore, we will look forward to welcoming you in the capital city of Turkey not only attending a congress but also celebrating the quarter century of the TSA.

The International 10th Statistics Congress will consist of paper sessions, poster exhibitions, keynote speakers, groups and panel discussions. The sessions, panels and working groups will be organized in parallel rooms. Close communication of speakers and participants is aimed in all of these activities.

Best regards,

Turkish Statistical Association


Keynote Speakers:

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